dj_tammykat (dj_tammykat) wrote in gay_is_ok,

hey everyone
this is my first entry here so hi *waves*
below is a poem i write for a friend after he told me what happened when his friend was beatened for being gay


(For victims of hate crimes)

No one could know about us,

To them, it was a sin.

He might have been my best friend,

But I was in love with him


I was happy he shared my feelings

That he’ll take me as I am

He asked me to keep it secret

I told him that I can


I took him out a month ago

We were seen kissing by our friends

We thought that maybe they’ll accept us

But they made our friends ship end


They beat us out of anger

I can still feel all the pain

When I awoke, his life was gone

I’ll never see him smile again


I went down to see his funeral

I said ‘he had a good life, that he should stay’

They took him, my friend, my lover, my soul

All because we said ‘we’re gay’


hoped you all enjoyed it


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I like this poem very much ^_^ It' great <3
whooo. i thought i was gonna get flamed or something for posting it here. thanks alot hun
that almost made me cry.. ;__;
is that good or bad?
I loved that really know how to put things into words....
thanks hun, im thinking about doing another gay rights poem, im just waiting for the right muse to come along, what do ya think?
I think thats a great idea....keep up the great writing...i think it could get people to think more about how they treat people.
<3 Ash
i can only hope so hun.
Sweetheart, may I put this on my Userinfo, as long as I credit you? This speaks wonders to me.
go ahead hun, sorry the long awaited reply, been moving :P
i seriously sheded a tear! that was the greatest!
awwe thanks hun. im glad you loved it (hug)