Jeffrey Masters (after_moonrise) wrote in gay_is_ok,
Jeffrey Masters

Deep breath

Yo, people!

Let me just say first how fantastic this community is. It's a shame that not many people joined up. I've had so much struggle in finding acceptance.

My name is Josh, and I'm seventeen years old in October. I'm gay and find it difficult to be open with people because of that. Last year, I was gay-bashed because a couple idiots got the wrong idea abut me and my friend, Jeff.

The full story:

I continued dancing, trying to ignore the obviously drunk girl hitting on me to my right. Jeff staggered dangerously forward, colliding into me and I felt myself blush.

Jeff always had too much to drink when we went to parties. I always had to walk him home, explain to his parents what happened and they would glare as if it was me who had force-fed him alcohol through a tube.

Jeff leaned on me, hard, and I felt my knees close to giving. Jeff wasn't huge; in fact, he was thin as a rail, but I was so bird-boned that I nearly collapsed under his weight. I excused myself, nearly dragging him across the floor and out onto the porch. As I slowly helped him down the steps, I couldn't help notice that my hand lay just at his waist.

I leaned him against his car. He's the type of guy who can afford to buy his own car at sixteen; I barely had enough cash to buy a GameBoy.

Keys. I needed keys to drive him home. I had passed my driver's ed test the first time out, and, as a result, I was the one driving friends to parties. I patted him down like a military officer, and found that bulge in his pocket where his car keys were tucked.

I let my hand slip down into his front pocket. I moved it around until I had a firm grip on the keys, and tried to pull them out as Jeff continued muttering, "Hey, man, what are you doing?"

I suddenly felt a yank and was pulled backwards by my too-long hair. I fell to my knees on the sidewalk and there was a ringing blow to the side of my head.

"What the hell?" I managed to ask, and it came out as a squeak. I looked up, and there were three very tall, very muscular guys with baseball bats in their hands.

Another strike, this time on my face. I fell to the ground. "Oh, God," I wheezed. "Listen, please, that wasn't what it looked like--"


I cried out that time, tears running down my face. I looked up, but to my surprise, Jeff and the car were gone.

"Fag!" One of the guys screamed at me. "Taking advantage of him while he's drunk, huh?"


"God!" I howled.

I can't remember what happened next, except waking up with my hands tied behind my back, on a fence in the middle of nowhere.

Four hours passed before mom found me, along witht the cops.

"My baby!" Mom screamed, running to me and touching my face. "What happened?"

"It's nothing, Mom, really--" I wheezed.

I was taken for questioning, but no matter how they pestered, no matter how they begged, I pretended not to know.

I still haven't told them the truth.
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